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Application Detail

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Unique Id : 19263
Development No : 580/D088/06
Application Type : Conventional Land Division
Application Extent : Provisional Development Plan Consent with Land Division Consent
Land Use/Building Consent : No
Council Name : District Council of Mt Barker
Agents Reference : 3404
Short Reference : Schaefer 58 AlbeMt Bark
Submitting Agents Name : Access SDM Pty Ltd
Submitted By : Greg Burgess, Access SDM Pty Ltd
Application Status : Decision Made

Application Type Details : Conventional Land Division

Total Area of Land to be Divided : 1.749 hectares
Reserve Area : 2259 square metres
Number of existing allotments : 1
Number of proposed allotments (excluding road and reserve) : 12
Number of additional allotments : 11

Applicant Details

SalutationNameOrganisation NameAddress
MrJames Pepperc/- Access SDM PTY LTD
76 Hutchinson Street
Mt Barker
South Australia

Owner Details

SalutationNameOrganisation NameAddress
MrLawrence  Schaeferc/- Access SDM PTY LTD
76 Hutchinson Street
Mt Barker
South Australia

Contact Details

MrGreg Burgess76 Hutchinson Street.
Mount Barker
SA 5251
South Australia
Telephone 1 :
0407 391 691

Telephone 2 :
8391 2330

Mobile :
0407 391 691
Fax 1 :
8391 3000

Fax 2 :

Subject/Property Details

House No. :
Lot No. : 58
Street : Albert Road
Suburb/Town Mt Barker
Hundred: Macclesfield
Reference Section:

Title Reference and Plan Parcel

Title CodeTitle DescriptionVolumeFolioPlan CodePlan DescriptionPlan No.Parcel No.
CTCertificate of Title5767884FFiled Plan160135A58

Other Details

Existing Use : Residential
Description of Proposed Development : Torrens Division with 10 allotments and Open Space Reserve
Does either schedule 21 or 22 of the Development Regulations 1993 apply? : No
Lodgement Date : 27 Sep 2006
Months for Development Approval Request : 12

Categorisation Details

Decision Authority : Council
Application Classification : Technical
Kind of Development : Merit
Zone : Residential
Development Plan Map No : MtB/24
Allocated Planner : Steve Gale

Distribution Details

Referral Agency Referred to Agent Referral State Due Date Response
Development Assessment Commission16 Oct 2006Returned 

DEWNR - River Murray16 Oct 2006Returned 

SA Water Corporation16 Oct 2006Returned 

DEWNR - Native Vegetation Council 16 Oct 2006Returned 

DPTI - Mark Maintenance Section16 Oct 2006Returned 

DECD - Education and Child Development16 Oct 2006Returned 

SA Water Corporation14 Jun 2007Returned 

Development Assessment Commission14 Jun 2007Returned 

Decision Authority Distributed for Decision Decision State Decision Issued Response
District Council of Mt Barker16 Oct 2006Over-ridden  Show

District Council of Mt Barker14 Jun 2007Returned14 Aug 2007 Show

Decision Details

ConsentDecisionDecision Date
Provisional Development Plan ConsentRefused01 Aug 2007
Land Division ConsentRefused01 Aug 2007
Development ApprovalRefused01 Aug 2007

Overturned Decision Details

There are no overturned decision details currently available for this application

Certificate of Approval (CoA) Details

CoA Id Stage Number Status Certificate Plan Issue Date Issuing Officer Date Deposited Deposited Plan No. (DP) Detail
15416001Awaiting DA Decision    Show
There are no further Certificate of Approval (CoA) details

Certificate of Approval (CoA) Clearance Requirements Details

CoA Clearance Requirement DescriptionCoA IdStage No.Agency
Distribution DateStatusDetail
The Development Assessment Commission requires no further clearance from Council for the issue of the Land Division Certificate - refer to the Development Approval for full details.15416001District Council of Mt Barker14 Aug 2007 No Requirements  

That a certified survey plan shall be lodged for Certificate purposes.15416001Development Assessment Commission05 Dec 2006Not yet Met 

The financial requirements of SA Water shall be met for the provision of water supply.15416001SA Water Corporation26 Oct 2006Not yet Met 

The augmentation requirements of SA Water shall be met.15416001SA Water Corporation26 Oct 2006Not yet Met 

The necessary easements shall be vested to SA Water.15416001SA Water Corporation26 Oct 2006Not yet Met 

On approval of the application, all internal water piping that crosses the allotment boundaries must be severed or redirected at the developers/owners cost to ensure that the pipework relating to each allotment is contained within its boundaries.15416001SA Water Corporation26 Oct 2006Not yet Met 

Application Documents

Document Title Document Type Version # State File Size (Kb) Date Uploaded Notes
Planning SA Location Plan Enlargement NewMiscellaneous1Uploaded15.240000028 Sep 2006 Show

Planning SA Location Plan NewMiscellaneous1Uploaded51.120000028 Sep 2006 Show

Plan Diagram NewMiscellaneous1Uploaded9.110000006 Oct 2006 Show

Plan Diagram NewMiscellaneous1Uploaded7.440000026 Jun 2007 Show
Application Detail
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